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1. No giveing personal info (No giveing e-mail, phone-number,or address,), this is for your safety. (there are stalkers)

2. Caps are allowed, but know your limit, if we tell you to stop useing them, you stop or you will be kicked

3. Don't ask to be mod or an owner! You will earn it!

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6. Don't spam its stupid and annoying if you don't know what it is please ask so you don't get kicked or banned

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8. No trading accounts for any VIRTUAL WORLD (You have no idea who is a hacker and who is not! (If you do get your account hacked don't complain to us!)

9. Don't bully people! You don't kow who they are and what they will do! You mighted of just killed someone

10. ONLY Speak in 1 language and thats english. I'm sorry, I'm not being offensive its just that we might not uderstand, on pc its fine though

Please follow the rules or you might get kicked/banned

(Kicked first 2 times, banned the next)


Made a video ^_^

Friday, 6 April 2012

Eggs & Tickets

Heey! Smarties!!

Eggs are due tom!! winners will be announced Sunday!
For the VIP tickets........ well you could say i have been very forgetful?
i have been forgetting to give away tickets? and i did give away some tickets....... 
So ON SATURDAY!!! (7th) i will be handing out tickets like crazzzzzzzzzy!!
i think i still have about 10 to give away!! If i gave you a ticket please PC me and i will give you a code to email so you can receive you ticket on Wednesday!! I will be sending tickets on wednesday! so dont ask where is my ticket!!
Bye Cya Soon!

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