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Main mods: Rida, Blueberry, Shipy, Tinker
Owners, Michy, and Heena
All mods listen to Shipy, Tinker, Blueberry, and rida :)

1. No giveing personal info (No giveing e-mail, phone-number,or address,), this is for your safety. (there are stalkers)

2. Caps are allowed, but know your limit, if we tell you to stop useing them, you stop or you will be kicked

3. Don't ask to be mod or an owner! You will earn it!

4. Don't start drama/don't fight. You have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all

5. Don't swear aka cuss, some people don't like it and little kids go on here.

6. Don't spam its stupid and annoying if you don't know what it is please ask so you don't get kicked or banned

7. Don't advertise exept for youtube videos that are appropriete (lol I can't spell right)

8. No trading accounts for any VIRTUAL WORLD (You have no idea who is a hacker and who is not! (If you do get your account hacked don't complain to us!)

9. Don't bully people! You don't kow who they are and what they will do! You mighted of just killed someone

10. ONLY Speak in 1 language and thats english. I'm sorry, I'm not being offensive its just that we might not uderstand, on pc its fine though

Please follow the rules or you might get kicked/banned

(Kicked first 2 times, banned the next)


Made a video ^_^

Monday, 23 April 2012


Right now im panicing... cuz tommorow i'm getting shots at school :/ Its real sacry for me... the nurse would say "Don't worry it won't hurt" and she JAMS the needle in to ur arm and then I end up crying for an school...infront of my friends....infront of my enemies...infront of my teachers...infront of my crush....okay she might not jam it but it hurts   :( u know how soar it feels? and most of u know im doing a dance perfromance thing on friday! *Sigh* Atleast I'm not my friend..she has to get 3  AND IM ONLY GETTING 1 whos cares about the difference...her friend got only 1 and she fainted last time o.o WHAT IF I FAINT... * does deep breathng * my friends telling me not to panic...HOW? I think about dancing chocolates in heaven and a giant needle comes and makes the giant needles go back to earth where there are more needles..plz don't say i need help rofl...i'm just a little afraid like you MIGHT be on ur first time on a panic and think of bad things for a while and it never really hurts...but I'm scared...but i know nothing will happen..but idk why i do this GARG well thats my short story...READ WHATS IN BLUE, THATS WHAT I REALLY WANNA TALK ABOUT...


K, why peole sneding viruse links and porn sites and doing frigging drama? you know its stupid right? ONE LITTLE LINK caused one person to NEVER EVER go on here? THX ALOT STUPID ASS NIGGER  ;UGH THAT BLACK IS MY SWEARING/CUSSING TO U NIGGER  K



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