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Chat rules


Main mods: Rida, Blueberry, Shipy, Tinker
Owners, Michy, and Heena
All mods listen to Shipy, Tinker, Blueberry, and rida :)

1. No giveing personal info (No giveing e-mail, phone-number,or address,), this is for your safety. (there are stalkers)

2. Caps are allowed, but know your limit, if we tell you to stop useing them, you stop or you will be kicked

3. Don't ask to be mod or an owner! You will earn it!

4. Don't start drama/don't fight. You have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all

5. Don't swear aka cuss, some people don't like it and little kids go on here.

6. Don't spam its stupid and annoying if you don't know what it is please ask so you don't get kicked or banned

7. Don't advertise exept for youtube videos that are appropriete (lol I can't spell right)

8. No trading accounts for any VIRTUAL WORLD (You have no idea who is a hacker and who is not! (If you do get your account hacked don't complain to us!)

9. Don't bully people! You don't kow who they are and what they will do! You mighted of just killed someone

10. ONLY Speak in 1 language and thats english. I'm sorry, I'm not being offensive its just that we might not uderstand, on pc its fine though

Please follow the rules or you might get kicked/banned

(Kicked first 2 times, banned the next)


Made a video ^_^

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hacker, New mod, and thanks :)

Blue=Hacker info Pink=New mod,

Hacker on chat? I guess so...Name on xat...Mєgaη_ιѕ_вacк! , or soemthing else becuase she changes her names alot! Fantage user name? rihannah2011 is her fantage name! You may know her as the owner of fantage bunny

Now, I made her a mod on my chat she started banning everyone and swearing at Michy (the other owner).
She said she and her sister hacked wonka (I'm so sorry---KIND-OF) and now Megan and her sis gonna hack me >:'( <<<<<< Thats her blog...its pathetic...

Then I banned her and stuff...then she came back and started lieing and saying it was her older sister who did that..we all know thats a lie and blah blah blah.

We would like to welcome Carolinephuong  (new mod) to our fantage smartie family. She quit fantage bunny (well duh) and joined smarties :)

Well the PARTY (WEWT, WEWT) was good :) I will try to post pics lazy right now >.< THANKS for coming to the PARTY!(WEWT, WEWT) lol !

See you'z laterz

1 comment:

  1. Dear Michy and Heena,
    Byah333 and I (joman52) where in Guava Gorilla at Mt. Fantage at 3:10 and didn't see anyone! I was just wondering if we came too early. It looks like we did cause we didn't (nor anybody else) do any WOOT WOOT (i tried to but i looked like a fool). So, we logged off but it looked like we missed ALOT so i hope u throw more parties!
    Your Fantagians,
    Joman52 and Byah333



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